Infinity NFT Converts 10,000 Physical Vinyl Records into Non-Fungible Tokens

The unique NFT collection is backed by physical vinyl records previously valued at over 100,000 dollars in 1999

April 5, 2022 – Infinity NFT is delighted to announce that it has created an NFT collection that will give holders ownership of physical vinyl records, curated from an old school DJ’s collection, containing music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Named Infinity Vinyls, the incredibly unique collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens was created to serve as digital representations of the company’s amazing vinyl records collection, which was valued at over 100,000 in 1999.

As blockchain technology continues to experience increasing adoption by both businesses, governments, and private individuals, NFTs, which are developed on the same technology, are also becoming increasingly popular as reliable investment instruments, as well as incontrovertible digital proof of ownership.

In recent times, various NFT projects have risen to unprecedented prominence, with a value growth rate that has left financial analysts and investors completely dumbfounded. A completely digital work of art by the NFT artist Beeple, sold for over 60 million dollars in June 2021, which made him one of the world’s biggest living artists.

While the factors that influence an NFT’s value largely depend on the personal significance ascribed to it by investors, one thing all NFT and investment experts agree on is that the collections with real-life utilities are most certainly destined for success once they make it onto the market.

“NFTs have grown tremendously in recent times, not to say the least, thanks to Metas – formerly Facebook’s – Mark Zuckerberg, who places great emphasis on NFTs in their upcoming meta-world. Among lots of projects, it’s always good to have something of value attached to an NFT for it to be considered valuable, such as a physical object or membership. Another example of this can be the NFT-project Bored Ape Yacht Club, which offers exclusive physical world memberships to holders.” – Daniel, CEO of Infinity NFT.

Borrowing a leaf from the consensus, Infinity NFT has announced that holders of the Infinity Vinyl NFT collection will also get the option of having physical vinyl records sent to them for each Infinity Vinyl NFT they purchase.

Anyone interested in learning more about this project can reach out to Infinity NFTs via the contact info below.

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Company Name: Infinity NFT
Contact Person: Daniel Theander
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Address:KOPMANGATAN 17 643 30 Vingaker
Country: Sweden


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