Jon Hayton – Farmer John “Rabbits Run” RCA VPL1-0066

Jon Haylon was a part of the R’Jays with Dig Richards who later went on to back Johnny O’Keefe with The Rahjas. Dig by this point had done fairly well for himself and had managed to get Jon a record deal. The two travelled to Melbourne to record at Armstrong’s studios with a fine cast of local players, Phil Manning, Brian Cadd, Mike Rudd and Tweed Harris.

Digby renamed him Farmer John for the album, and the title is a tribute to his wife Wendy who appears on the back cover with some kids.

The first track “Thirty Times Around The Sun” is akin to the finest shimmering west coast soft rock, with fine CSN type harmonies and a production style reminiscent of the type of Philly soul Hall & Oates cranked out, with congas, organ and synth providing a spacey vibe.

Farmer John didn’t seem to care to much for the responsibilities of being a band leader, and soon after went back to playing with Digby Richards band.

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