Still a Fad? Vinyl Records Return to 1991 Sales Levels


Sales of vinyl records refuse to stop exploding!  In 2016, LPs, EPs, and 45s returned to sales volumes not seen since 1991.  But does this party end?

It’s been a storied resurgence for vinyl records, which now include LP, EPs, and even 45s.  Once considered a short-lived fad, this comeback has been going for ten strong years.

And, counting.  According to the latest data, sales of vinyl records are now back to early-1990s volumes.  According to data shared by British industry group BPI, vinyl record sales gained 53% in the UK alone last year.  That brings the total to 3.2 million, exactly the same volumes recorded in 1991.

What the Vinyl Records Comeback Really Looks Like…

In the US, a similar surge is happening.  That makes sense, given the cultural similarities of the two countries.  According to data shared by BuzzAngle Music, vinyl record sales gained an impressive 25.9 percent last year, to 7.2 million units.

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