40 years of punk: The surprising Slim Dusty connection to The Saints’ (I’m) Stranded

Posted yesterday at 3:33pm

When ABC RN’s Alice Keath set about making a documentary about iconic Australian punk band The Saints on the 40th anniversary of their debut single, she didn’t think the story would involve her uncle.

“It’s funny the things that end up making their mark,” musician and producer Rod Coe says.

When he was sent by EMI to Brisbane for two days in late 1976 to record and sign a young local band called The Saints, he had no idea he was about to produce one of the all-time iconic Australian albums.

“The band weren’t really interested in knowing about me,” he says.

“They were surly, they didn’t want to know about anything much. They just wanted to get on with it. They were hard to communicate with. So it was a confronting situation, but once they started playing it was compelling.”

A few months earlier in 1976, Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper, Kym Bradshaw and Ivor Hay had gone into a studio in Brisbane’s West End and recorded the title track of what would become The Saints’ debut album.

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