Couple buys Michael Jackson cassette tape for 25 cents, discovers hidden treasure


– A Concord couple is on Cloud 9 after making what they call a ‘once in a lifetime discovery’. They walked into a local thrift store, spent 25 cents, and may have come away with something absolutely priceless.

Mike and Amber Hernon are huge Michael Jackson fans and when they saw one of MJ’s cassette being sold for just a quarter they know they couldn’t pass up.

“I remember when I was 7-years-old I told my mom that I want Michael Jackson to come out of my birthday cake,” Amber Hernon said.

Amber never got that birthday surprise but she’ll settle for what she and her husband Mike came across a couple of weeks ago.

“She’s just like babe, babe, babe, this is signed…and I was kind of like, no way!” Michael explained.

Unknowingly, the couple bought a Michael Jackson “Bad” cassette album that appears to be autographed by the King of Pop himself.

“Definitely a once in a lifetime chance here.”

The couple found it at Heavenly Treasures in Concord, North Carolina. It’s a thrift store the Hernon family regularly shops at. They were in the music section and noticed the Michael Jackson cassette being sold for as low of a price as you can get .

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