An introduction to tape player maintenance

It’s time to take your home recordings to a new level.
Sick of drab digital recordings? Like to try tape (reel to reel / cassette / others)? but think it requires more effort? These basic techniques will ensure smooth running and high functioning superb audio reproduction, with soul.
If you haven’t heard the fidelity of a well looked after tape machine you haven’t heard good audio.
Every day of the week someone comes in to ask about our tape players, they are usually producers looking for “that sound”. This course will teach you how to keep your tape machine performing at factory specs and ensure the best

This introductory course will include:
* head cleaning
* transport cleaning
* pinch roller maintenance
* degaussing
* setting bias and azimuth

Participants will be limited to 6 (give or take) to maintain an informal interactive format.
The cost is $65. Bookings essential please book in store or below in the link.
Bookings also taken for future courses, including:
* tape echo basics
* reverb sends and receives
* mastering to tape for fun and profit
* getting “that sound”

Muscle Shoals Records
504 Lygon st
East Brunswick

An introduction to tape player maintenance

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