Introducing a New Michell Engineering Turntable, The Orbe SE-R


Hi All,

As many will know we are big fans of Michell Engineering turntables here and it really isn’t everyday that they announce a new deck but we are very lucky to have been lent something new From Michell to give a try which is due to be released shortly, basically is it a re-think on the Orbe SE Turntable which can sit on the Michell Iso Base and with the matching SECure cover looks stunning but for some people it could be considered a little on the large side, so the SE-R is basically a low profile Orbe SE with the turntable built into the base, Michell have also taken this opportunity to offer better isolation and damping with the new base, one thing this is for sure is that it looks totally stunning.

I have been running it in into our Devialet 400 system with PMC Twenty.26′s and as a system it really is well matched, what I love about the Michell Decks, other than the looks 🙂 as that you get a fantastic analogue sound with all the detail but presented with real weight and drive, they really do offer brilliant turntables.

We have our third anniversary vinyl event coming up on October 17th which will be in conjunction with Michell Engineering so we will most definitely be using the Orbe SE-R for that, it will be a Vinyl day with an 80′s theme so should be good fun.

Below are a few pics of the Orbe SE and the new Orbe SE-R so you can compare to 2 different looks –

I don’t have any price details or availability yet but will update our Michell product page as soon as I have these details.

Orbe SE

The New Orbe SE-R



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