This is another installment in a very infrequent series of items that are available for sale on the internet.

Up today is the Vinyl-Recorder 506, a $4000 machine that allows you to cut your own records from another source (CD, computer, another record). 

This is for the hipster that really wants to be able to look down on his home-brew and basement screen print buddies. 

“Oh, you make your own beer, that’s cool.  Me oh, I’ve been pretty busy cataloging my old mix tapes on vinyl, because THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

The blanks cost about $5 a pop, but I wonder if you could source them cheaper from an actual record pressing plant…

It wouldn’t even be practical for a small record label, as you’d actually have to sit there and go through the record each time as it got cut. Even if you were just doing 10-25 promo copies for a show (or a SXSW/CMJ type event) it would be a colossal waste of time.

It could be very cool for dj’s that want to make their own records to scratch… but the software solutions for this kind of thing are so much better these days.

Still, if I win the lottery, I’m totally getting one.

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