do you think in the 1700s there were people who were like nah man Mozart’s a total sellout I only listen to peasants beating things with sticks it’s way more authentic

I know this is a joke post but as a music major I can actually answer this with a resounding YES THIS HAS LITERALLY ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE

When the violin was invented people were pissing on its tone for being too loud and it lacking the ‘authenticity’ of the viola da gamba. People (especially French people) reacted to new Italian technologies like the freaking violin like Vivaldi was part of a heavy metal band– which would have been awesome, by the way.

Also, in the romantic period, literally every single symphony ever had a “pastoral” section where the strings are supposed to sound like bagpipes to imitate the pure, rural peasant life and reject the upper class for being too materialistic.

The long and short of it is music listeners have always been assholes and humanity is exactly the same way it was in the 1600s. Hell, when the REALLLY early French composers first heard the interval of a third (brought over from England) they were like “WHAT IS THIS DEVILRY, THE ONLY PURE INTERVALS ARE THE FOURTH AND FIFTH.” That’s right. The interval “do”-“mi” was too new age shit for them to handle.

Music history is amazing

Like, wow

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